Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things have been going fairly well recently. I just finished re-reading one of my favorite books, The Easter Parade by Richard Yates and have seen some awesome friends lately. Some other stuff:

*Visited Lincoln, Nebraska, which is a fun town.
*Reading the latest issue of Zoetrope: All-Story, which was designed by Jason Schwartzman.
*Seeing Camera Obscura in a couple weeks.
*Saw two sneak previews for free: She's Out of My League and Hot Tub Time Machine. Neither were all that good, but whatever, it was free!
*Met St. Vincent a month ago. She was really nice. I don't make as much of an effort to meet bands as I used to, due to them often being kind of unfriendly, but she was really nice. That's awesome.

Some pictures: