Friday, March 13, 2009

Pot Lucks

It's weird that in the last entry I mentioned imagining my life full of pot luck dinners, because the day after I wrote that, as I was coming home from recording, Aaron called and told me Kush was having a pot luck at his place, so I went to that. It was a great time. So good seeing all those people: Leah, Dustin, Sheena, Lindsay, Kush, BJ, and more. I've noticed at parties I tend to stand in corners and this was no exception. A couple times I nearly got crushed when someone would open the side door and I had to shrink into the corner to avoid getting hit.

After this some of us went to Chateau. I drank a whiskey and Sprite and sat on a wobbly chair that made me feel like I had drank too much, even though I knew that wasn't true. In the bathroom as I reluctantly listened to the conversations, I was reminded that a lot of guys aren't very smart. And then some of us danced to the pretty bad music selection, but it didn't matter - we had fun. And it was Beau's birthday and he showed up later to celebrate some after plowing snow on Kansas roads for 12 hours.

That was a good day.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't get my wish :(

    I did get a stuffed tiny dog that vibrates across the floor when you pull it's tail, though! haha

    I think I've only been to one pot luck ever.
    and well, it actually wasn't a pot luck, I don't think. It was a "game feed" where a bunch of hunter men + their family and friends join together to eat the little creatures they hunted. It was.....pretty nasty. I had to take a bite of deer just to not seem completely rude uggghh.
    Your's sound way way way better.